See Our Swimming Pool Services Below...

Weekly Pool Service

In order to ensure your pool is sparkling clean for your entire swimming season, we will vacuum your pool, brush the tile, clean the filter and baskets, backwash the system, test and balance the pool with the pool owner’s chemicals or chemicals provided from our service vehicle.

Pool Openings

Includes removing safety cover, reassembling filter systems, heater, chemical feeders, test and balance water with owners chemicals.

Pool Closings

Pump pool down, disassemble pumps, filters, heaters and blow out all water from pool lines.  Install safety cover.

Computerized Pool Water Analysis

To help you balance your water we will test it for sanitizer, salt level, PH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, metals and cyanuric acid levels.  We give you a computerized print out with levels and dosages to add to balance your water.

New Concrete Pool Decks

We offer plain concrete, stamped concrete and concrete paver pool decks to compliment any backyard design style.

Swimming Pool Acid Washing

We pump out gunite pools and use a muriatic acid solution over the whole pool surface to remove stains caused by leaves, metals and other debris that may have fallen in the pool.

Pool  Pressure Testing

We plug all the plumbing lines in the pool and pressure test each line to see if there is a leak in the plumbing system.  After pressure testing, we are able to isolate any leaks and repair or replace the line(s).

Pool Plumbing and Underwater Pool Repair

We replace old plumbing and have the ability to make underwater repairs on both vinyl liner and gunite pools.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

We specialize in liner replacement on existing vinyl liner pools.  We also offer a gunite bottom for pools with sand bottoms.  This eliminates sink holes and divots under the pool liner which is common with older pools.

Pool Tile and Coping Repair

We offer tile repairs on gunite pools.  We re-cement the beam of the pool to provide a good base for the new tile to adhere to.  We also repair cantilever edges and coping stones.

Gunite Pool Renovations

We offer complete gunite pool renovations which include removing the existing concrete deck, removing tile, re-plumbing pool, preparing old plaster and resurfacing pool with your choice of finishes.